17th July 2017

Last month over 40 of the Anabas team gathered at Mark, our Chairman’s home for the 5th annual company summer BBQ where we were looked after by his family for the evening. It was a chance to meet his mother, children and get to know them as well – a real family affair.

We had a great cross-section in attendance including our teams from the Business Support Centre, mobile engineers and Facilities Managers from across the country. It was a fantastic evening filled with great food, drink and a lot of dancing – which admittedly got progressively worse as the night marched on!

It was a chance to relax, meet colleagues from across the business and have some fun. But most importantly, it was also a chance to thank everyone for their great efforts over the first half of the year.


Awards for several of our team who had gone above and beyond were a real highlight and something that was richly deserved by the recipients.

So what’s so different about this BBQ you may ask?

Well…..I’ve been to a few company shindigs in my time and there is definitely something a wee bit different about being invited into someone’s home, rather than an anonymous hotel suite or restaurant. It just feels more sincere and rich.

For weeks after, there is definitely a real buzz in the office, everyone remembers the night and talks about their own highlights. It has such a great reputation across the business and people look forward to it each year. Making it personal and holding in the boss’ s home just makes the whole experience more special, it brings colleagues together and makes the thanks so much more sincere.

So next time you want to thank your team, don’t shy away from making it a family affair.



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