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The business argument for hot-desking is compelling. In fact for many organisations, it has become a cornerstone in their corporate culture. But for the facilities manager, hot-desking can sometimes seem like a poisoned chalice. If you get it right, nobody seems to pat you on the back. If you get it wrong, powerful people can make your life difficult. In fact, the facilities manager always sits - not in the hot desk - but in the hot seat.

When it comes to implementing a new way of working, we always think about the ‘design challenge’ and getting it right first time. There are, however, other ‘hidden’ challenges: ones that require attention at the outset and long after the plans have been drawn up. This White Paper presents four such challenges that may be neglected when introducing hot-desking:

  • Connecting;
  • Rightsizing;
  • Retrofitting; and
  • Engaging.

How each of these challenges influence the success of a hot-desking program will be examined, and recommendations for how best to approach each of them are provided. We will also examine why modern organisations are looking for something entirely different from the workplace. Ultimately, we see why the skills of a facilities manager have become irreplaceable as organisations try to mobilise the workforce.


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Edward Finch is the author of our white paper having previously been Professor in Facilities Management at the University of Salford (2009-12). He obtained his PhD in Construction Management (1989) from the University of Reading. Eddy is known internationally in the FM academic community having developed the journal Facilities (a publication launched by Frank Duffy from DEGW in 1983) as a peer-reviewed publication over a period of 15 years. He is often in trade press providing sound bites and writing trend articles.