18th March 2021

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Today, at Anabas we support and celebrate Global Recycling Day, which is currently the biggest initiative endorsed by worldwide environmental impact advocator the Global Recycling Foundation. The purpose and aim of this initiative are to promote best practises for; recycling, protecting biodiversity, action for ecological developments and supporting educational programmes and social studies in the field of recycling to become #RecyclingHeroes.

In the FM industry we’re all too familiar with the awareness and drivers behind sustainable procurement, waste management strategies and our contribution for the deterioration of the worlds natural resources. We’re currently consuming billions of tonnes of natural resources across the world at a rate we cannot overcome, the yielding of these resources has led us to a climate emergency. Our planet is being engulfed in greenhouse gases, ice caps are melting and forests are falling. Whilst we cannot rectify our wrongs overnight, we all must act fast, as our opportunity to recover is rapidly diminishing.

At Anabas, we won’t leave any stone unturned until we find the right solutions and innovative methods to support our clients’ green credentials and environmental commitments.

So, what are Anabas doing as an organisation to drive sustainability and what are we doing to support our clients to take suitable steps to improve their carbon footprint?

Anabas is a ISO 14001 accredited, demonstrating the inclusion of a robust and effective environmental management system, fulfilling our compliance obligations and enhancing environmental performance. Sustainability also neatly aligns with our core values; we always look to improve what we do, be there for each other, deliver our promises and make our customers smile.

As a nationwide FM service provider our key objective is to support our clients FM and property maintenance needs, so they can focus on their core business activities in full confidence we will deliver. Utilities, building management systems (BMS) and sustainable waste management solutions are just few of the elements within the workplace we can optimise and develop on behalf of our clients, combining innovative products and services which are currently steering the UK toward a greener future. We have also taken firm steps as a business to ensure all our activities and outsourced partnerships are conducted with suppliers and vendors with similar values, the right framework and accreditations supporting our collective green agenda.

What can you do to support Global Recycling Day?

Recycling isn’t just about waste segregation, putting items in the right bin or being conscious of its journey. We should be taking reasonable steps to reduce and reuse wherever possible. Single use plastics are actively polluting our oceans, there are so many routines and things we do in our everyday lives that involves using them, such as;

  • bottled drinking water
  • shopping bags
  • stationary
  • food packaging
  • clothing
  • appliances
  • technology and waste sacks

Why not set yourself an objective to phase out buying plastic bottles and carry a reusable bottle? Maybe you could reuse the waste plastic containers you get from food items and turn them into storage boxes or fill them with soil and sow some seeds. The opportunities to improve what we do with our waste is limitless, if we can take one waste item a day or week, divert it from a landfill and give it a new purpose the positive environmental impact would be significant.

What are the impacts of waste management during COVID-19?

Unsurprisingly in the UK since the inception of the coronavirus pandemic, commercial waste has rapidly dropped as many organisations have shut their doors entirely or sent their workforce to work remotely from home. The pandemic has affected us all in one way or another, however it has also shown us we’re able to continue to operate (albeit socially distanced) whilst reducing our waste production by inadvertently avoiding single use plastics and disposable goods in the workplace.

The London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) conducted a study in November 2020 reviewing the collective tonnage of commercial waste throughout the city. The reports suggested waste volumes had plummeted between 25-90% throughout various phases of the pandemic. Economically these reductions in numbers aren’t all good news to businesses losing sales and the local authorities responsible for handling this commercial waste, but it just goes to show our corporate clients and neighbouring organisations can still conduct their core business activities without the residual waste generated by its employees.

Whilst efforts are still undergoing to measure the waste reductions of commercial waste against domestic waste, early research indicates we’re more likely to operate in a more sustainable way at home than we would at the workplace. These green behaviours and culture if you like is something we need to reinvent in the workplace.

Anabas have successfully managed to continue to operate throughout the pandemic fully supporting our clients FM provisions, stepping up to the plate and facing every challenge the pandemic throws at us. One thing for certain we haven’t lost focus on is our values, or our desire to continually improve and promote effective waste management culture through our portfolio.



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