01st April 2019

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In compliance with new legislation, all businesses with 250 or more employees are now required to publish their Gender Pay Gap.

We set out below the overall median and mean Gender Pay Gap, as well as the Gender Bonus Gap, based on hourly rates of pay of those employed at Anabas during the relevant business period.

Median % Mean %
Gender Pay Gap 3.22% 19.96%
Gender Bonus Gap 82.55% 59.24%

The percentage of males likely to get a bonus payment is calculated at 5.81% and 5.29% for females.

The table below shows the proportion of females and males in each quartile band.

Quartile Female % Male %
Upper 40.79% 59.21%
Upper Middle 50.00% 50.00%
Lower Middle 46.05% 53.95%
Lower 67.53% 32.47%

Mike Campion, Finance Director



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