25th May 2021

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As part of Anabas’ CSR efforts, we take great pride in our commitment to giving back and driving change. We actively support our people in community projects they believe in, and we are delighted to share details of the recent support we have provided to the Reuben’s Retreat charity through our partnership with the Art of Brilliance, a not-for-profit training organisation and publishers of the book, ‘The Art of being Brilliant’.

Our Learning & Development Manager, Kirsty Gaunt has previously volunteered for Reuben’s Retreat, and has seen first-hand the crucial role they play in supporting families during some of the most difficult and traumatic times imaginable.

Reuben’s Retreat was launched by Nicola Graham in August 2012 following the loss of her son, Reuben Michael Graham, aged just 23 months old. The vision of the charity is to walk side by side, offering emotional and practical support to families of child loss or those that have a child who is complexly poorly and may face an uncertain future. Being a home-away-from-home, Reuben’s provides families with the opportunity, support, and capacity to help create memories underpinned by an army of love and compassionate hearts.

Last year, Anabas implemented ‘The Art of Brilliance’ training to support employee wellbeing and optimise service delivery. Delivered by the team at The Art of Brilliance, our employees have been equipped with the tools they need to personally feel their best every day. This new way of thinking has been vital to improve resilience and positivity to overcome the significant impacts of the pandemic and helped shape them to become the best versions of themselves.

Having experienced the positive impact the Art of Brilliance training has had on the #AnabasFamily, we wanted to support the team at Reuben’s who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic.

Anabas Learning & Development Manager, Kirsty Gaunt commented: “When I was welcomed as a volunteer at Reuben’s, the biggest thing that stood out to me was that Nicola wanted to work with people who had big smiles, were happy and had the ability to positively impact others. This absolutely fits with the aims and vision of The Art of Brilliance, and we felt the gift of a training session would encourage the Reuben’s team to keep providing their amazing support to families throughout the most difficult times.”

Anabas has supplied ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ books and funded a fun-filled virtual training session for the team at Reuben’s, giving them a well needed boost of energy, positivity, and encouragement.

Lee Davies, Operations Manager at Reuben’s Retreat, commented: The team at Reuben’s thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful session delivered by the Art of Brilliance team on how to be your best self at work. With everything that has occurred in the last year, the gift of ‘Brilliance’ couldn’t have come at a better time and we can’t thank Anabas enough for this opportunity. It was great to experience the positive energy Tony Seymour instilled in the session and the impact it has had on our staff. Our teams have a new lease of life and will use their inspiration on continuing to strengthen the Reuben’s legacy as a retreat where families can relax, recharge, remember and rebuild.” 

To find out more about Reuben’s Retreat, you can visit their website here:



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