07th January 2015

Thoughts around the Shared parental leave regulations….

In light of the new regulations, in respect to the Children and Families Act 2014, allowing parents to have more flexibility in respect of caring for their children, the question is how it will affect our business and the wider Facilities Management industry? At Anabas we are all about “family” and already have processes in place to help colleagues in respect to their caring and parental responsibilities.

Shared parental leave - Man with baby

It will be interesting to see whether the legislation has an inordinate effect, given that it most likely will depend on financial restraints and the benefits which either parent’s employer provides in respect of enhanced maternity provisions considering that the government’s estimates are that only 1 in 20 fathers will be able to afford to take shared parental leave on the current SMP rates.

It’s also really quite complex and so HR professionals will have to ensure that meaningful coaching is provided to management groups and that our industry has robust policies and manager guidelines so that people are treated equally and fairly. Our HR team is already busy creating an introduction plan, policy and procedural documentation. We will be communicating to our business before the end of January 2015 so that parents with babies born on or after the 5th April 2015 or adoptive parents, will know what their rights are as soon as possible. Anabas HR will ensure we make clear to our managers and colleagues what the restraints are in respect to curtailments and eligibility.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said: “Women deserve the right to pursue their goals and not feel they have to choose between having a successful career or having a baby. They should be supported by their employers, rather than being made to feel less employable or under pressure to take unchallenging jobs.

It’s an interesting comment as within the Facilities Management industry, more women are taking up senior appointments and at Anabas, we have a healthy population of women in senior roles from Financial Director to Facilities Manager. We encourage applications from people with the right skills regardless of gender and you can find all our vacancies detailed on our website, www.anabas.co.uk/join-us – join our family! #AnabasFamily



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