09th February 2015

More companies are adopting the Pulse survey approach to measuring satisfaction and engagement within their workforce.  A Pulse survey gives a snapshot of sentiment in “real time” because they are undertaken more often than the common standard annual survey.


Pulse is a survey methodology as opposed to a branded survey product. Its approach is to measure more frequently than the previous annual cycle with the intention of measuring engagement more accurately, and with greater opportunity to make improvements.

Keeping a workforce engaged is a constant challenge for a business because external factors can have an influence over how people feel about their job and the environment in which they work.  By using regular data to measure satisfaction, we can make continuous improvements more effectively and with greater impact.  Eventually, it should become the norm.

By adopting the “pulse” approach at Anabas, we measure the success (or otherwise) of the improvements we make, more quickly, gauging satisfaction levels at the next survey cycle (more frequently than annually now).  Positive reasons for moving to the Pulse approach is that the surveys are shorter in length and easier for the individual to complete.

I recommend you don’t disenfranchise your people by having them spend an hour or two of their valuable day completing a questionnaire!  A 5 minute response to a text questionnaire or a quick and easy online survey motivates a colleague to want to complete it.  The key is also not to overdo it so that colleagues get survey fatigue!

At Anabas we have adopted the Pulse approach, and we have gone one step further in 2015.  We will be undertaking quarterly Pulse surveys and they will be carried out by our employee representatives at a local level.  We have listened to our colleagues over the last year and made some significant improvements to our surveys based on their opinions.  We feel it is important for us to keep up the momentum so people start to see the changes they ask for appearing regularly.

We want to measure this success and we are really excited that our representatives are supporting this engagement and are happy to lead the Pulse surveys.  We have volunteer employee representatives on all of our sites.  It is really important at Anabas that our people have a voice and our Employee Representative Forum (they named the group Speaking Out Loud or SOL for short) helps to support this. This group meets regularly with the Anabas Management team to discuss continuous improvement across our entire business.

pulse survey - Anabas FM

Regular feedback is really important as changes in employee attitude can happen for all sorts of reasons.  We want to ensure we have our finger on the Pulse and we are listening to the needs of our teams, not only to retain great people but to improve our managerial style, training, benefits and employee journey.  This is really important to us.  Why not join our #Anabas family we advertise our current vacancies here: http://www.anabas.co.uk/join-us/

Julie Welch
HR Manager



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