01st December 2014

The HR team at Anabas were really excited to attend the CIPD annual exhibition where we enjoyed a number of briefings about improving HR and processes from leading professionals within the HR industry.

For Anabas, the key theme for 2015 is developing a performance driven culture. In essence, ensuring that we do things differently, more effectively and naturally.  Great performance comes from solid foundations of engagement and HR at Anabas has some really exciting plans for 2015 including;

• Effective partnering with the operational aspect of our business

• Introducing benefits for a competitive edge

• Succession framework – building our future through existing untapped talent and a really smart way of rewarding and recognising great behaviours.

CAnabas app ommunication is important in any business and at Anabas, we recognise it’s critical to keep our people informed about what’s happening across our organisation.  Traditionally, we produced a really great newsletter in paper format but with the fantastic technology we have at Anabas in creating our very own “Anabas App” we can work smarter and more efficiently at getting news to colleagues at the “click of a button” in 2015.

Management development will be a key focus in the next 12 months ensuring we retain and motivate top talent within our company.  The conference identified smarter ways to recruit, engage and develop teams within a business and the HR team were really invigorated after the conference. Here’s what they said….

This was the first CIPD exhibition we attended and we were not disappointed.  We found it very interesting and in particular the workshops very informative.

• The workshop discussing why claims to Employment Tribunals have reduced by 80% was extremely interesting.  It was clear that introducing fees to lodge a claim has had an impact on the number of claims but also the fact that the qualifying period for an unfair dismissal claim has increased from 1 to 2 years has clearly also made an impact.

CIPD Employment Tribunal Factsheet

• The managing difficult situations session was engaging.  We thought the speaker did a very good job of interacting with the audience and he encouraged participation well.  The “Power Pose” and body language psychology is not something we would normally think about but it is something that we will definitely be looking out for in future!

• The 2 sessions we attended regarding social media in the workplace enforced beliefs that social media is definitely the way forward with regards to recruitment and promoting our company.  It was surprising however to find that people actually think negatively about a company if they do not have a social media presence! We feel that this is the area were we will be able to make most improvements for the HR department at Anabas.

We are looking forward to attending next year to find out what is new in the world of HR and, hopefully, further ways we can work smarter and help increase HR’s value to Anabas as a business.


We use this hashtag to reinforce our own HR culture in that we have a great team of people in the Anabas family. We have attracted and look to continue to attract high calibre individuals who share our vision to build a better FM company. So that this becomes obvious to our clients.



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